Atlantis Sock Stitch Markers

Atlantis Sock Stitch Markers

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Coming to you from my rural Ohio studio, this set of 5 aqua and moss colored stitch markers fits US size 4 needles (3.5 mm European) and is perfect for knitters who like rustic beads. I make multiples of this set, so while yours may not match the ones in the photo exactly, your set will be very similar, and include 1 row marker and 4 regular markers. 

Yes, my markers are a bit more expensive than others you may find however:

*All of my wire ends are neatly tucked so that my markers are 100% snag free.

*I don't use glue, there's no mechanism to catch or break...

*Knitters who go to big knitting events told me that my markers trade at a rate of 1:3 (1 of my markers for 3 of others' markers because they ARE that good and THAT sturdy!)

*My markers also get tumbled for hours in a rock tumbler to shine the copper and harden them so they are really rugged.

*Every stitch marker set I ship comes sweetly packaged in a gift bag.

Not sure if your special knitter uses markers? If they make complex things like socks or fair isle sweaters, caps, etc., chances are good that they use 'em.

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