Whimsy and Miscellany

Artists make weird things. Most of the time it's just to breathe life into the half-dreamed images that flow through my life and brain, but sometimes there's a story, like: "I had this knitter friend who had real trouble finding knitting accessories that wouldn't break on her. Since I'm stupidly hard on my jewelry, I thought 'How hard could this be?' ... and so the artistic leap from wire wrapping jewelry to making fantastic knitting accessories was a small one."

Polymer Clay Pens

Meet the pen that is too recognizable to go missing from your desk. Every one I make is different, although each one sports a tiny gem of dichroic glass in it. The best part is though, that they aren't "throwaway art", 'cause the guts of it can be replaced by a standard Bic round stic. (They are also fabulous for arthritic hands because they're slightly chunkier than a "normal" pen.) I can't promise there is a rhyme or reason to what falls out of my brain, so please email me for photos of the current selection of pens I have in stock.

Stitch Markers

Durable as heck and made from handmade copper headpins, I have knitters who take my stitch markers to knitting get-togethers to trade. My markers were also a featured product on two knitting podcasts (albeit several years ago). If you're a knitter or have a knitter in your life, they'll not be disappointed with my stitch markers. Current sets for sale can be found here.