Buy In Person

If you like my studio's work, the biggest selection of my work is always in person, at shows. Curated selections can be found in a few select shops.

If you're not really a "material goods" person, or if you like the idea of hanging out with me virtually in the studio: I highly recommend signing up for my Patreon site where for $3/month, you can get first dibs on panels, see works in process (like in the video below!), and get behind-the-scenes content delivered straight to your inbox once a week. (Content warning: my family is a rainbow tribe who ramble through once in a while, I seem incapable of avoiding adult language all the time, and my dogs star in my weekly post about 3 times a year.)

Why I have a better selection at shows than my online store: Listing one-of-a-kind things online is very time consuming, and photographing glass is a skill mere mortals struggle their whole lives to do well.

If there's any type of item you are interested in that I don't have here yet, believe it or not, it's actually easier if you just hit me up for bad photos of my barrettes/earrings/bobby pins/whatever, and pick out what you want, rather than go through massive amounts of time photographing glass (GAH!) and then writing up all of the information that online sales require.

Shops that Carry My Work

Small businesses rock. I own one, and every gallery or shop that carries my work is one. #BuyLocal #ShopSmall

Bottlebrush Gallery and Shop

Located at 539 Main St, Harmony, Pennsylvania

ReBelle Yarn Shop
Located at 225 Rosemont Garden, Lexington, KY 40503
​(Please note, this shop carries ONLY my knitting accessories,
​sold under the name "Twisted Lass Fibers".)

Me in my booth at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival

2023 Show Schedule

Although I'm the one running my booth a lot of the time, please note - I sometimes have minions running my booth at Faires when I have two shows going on at once! If you would like to specifically see ME at a show, email me to find out exactly what weekends I'll be there.


The Tennessee Renaissance Festival (Arrington, Tennessee)
Every Saturday and Sunday in May, plus Memorial Day Monday


Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival (West Newton, PA)

Opening weekend Aug 26th-27th.


Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival (West Newton, PA)
Every weekend in September.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival
Every weekend in September and October.


Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival (West Newton, PA)
Final weekend is September 30th and Oct 1st.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival
Every weekend in September and October.


Yuletide Village
Dates TBD! Please check back!

Need to contact me?
email me or call 724.452.7932.